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Domain Registration NZ

If you are a Rubble client, we can register a domain name on your behalf, or arrange a domain name transfer. We can register the following domain name suffixes, providing domain hosting and email hosting:

.nz .co.nz .com .info
.net .org .biz .gen.nz
.net.nz .org.nz .geek.nz .school.nz
.maori.nz, .ac.nz

Registration or renewal of a domain is $50 +GST per year, and must be paid in advance.


Email Setup

Email hosting with us is free with website hosting. Once you have a domain registration sorted, there are two options:

1. Forward the email to yourdomain.co.nz to an existing email address (but we wouldn't recommend Xtra email)

2. Configure your email on your computer so you receive your emails to yourdomain.co.nz direct on your computer.. We provide you with a password and you can use the settings outlined below to set it up at your end. You may require some help from your IT people if required. We provide the details you need, but not IT support.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't have a website hosted with us, there is a $100 +GST initial set up cost and a $150 +GST per year email hosting fee.

View Email Set-up Instructions Here

With Outlook or Outlook express:
Email Address: anyone@yourdomain.com
Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.yourisp.com (preferred) or mail.yourdomain.com / .co.nz etc
Account Name: 'anyone' (for catch all address) someone@yourdomain.com for an address that you add.
Password: Your hosting account or added E-mail account's password

We do have outgoing SMTP servers, however, we recommend that you use your dial up or network access for the smtp function of your e-mail program. The reason is simple - our servers run faster with less email being sent through them, and since you have an ISP to connect to the internet, you get an email account from them. But, for many of you, you have AOL, or another large supplier. These have different rules. If you use AOL, you need to use mail.yourdomain.com in your e-mail program when it asks for your SMTP (outgoing) mail server, and you must check off "My server requires Authentication." If it asks for your outgoing mail server username and password, this is the username and password for your actual hosting account - not your email account. If you use MSN, and several others, they will not allow you to use anything but them in that line (this is a security measure to prevent SPAM.)

If you have MSN, or another that gives you an error of: "Relay Denied", You must use YOUR dialup SMTP information, where you are asked for your outgoing SMTP account. You should obtain this information from your dialup Internet Service Provider.

For more information please contact us or fill out an online enquiry form.

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