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Image Editing / Photo Editing Portfolio

Need help with photos / imagery for a website or promotional print work? From taking the photographs, to detailed photo editing and retouching (lighting, scratches, tone, colour etc), to clear cutting images, to photo manipulation, Rubble can help.

1/2:   PHOTO BEFORE - CLOSE-UP    |    tiny white scratches/marks, purple tone

2/2:   PHOTOSHOP PHOTO - CLOSE-UP    |    scratches removed, colour corrected

1/1:   FINAL IMAGE    |    clear-cut complex image

1/2:   BEFORE...    |    image sourced is not quite right...

2/2:   FINAL IMAGE    |    second couple has been removed and sky colour edited

1/1:   LOGO REVAMP    |    original logo (left) supplied as unuseable flat image

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